Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Well it looks as though Irene may hit right around our area, so we're all preparing. We're expecting lots and lots of rain which means our first floor will potentially flood. We're buying a pump for the back yard to hopefully help. Even if she doesn't hit us right on we know we're going to get that rain and the beaches are going to have some killer waves. In preperation the county/state has closed all the beach starting tomorrow night so the Sea Captain and I are heading out very early in the AM to see if we can find some shells. We don't expect to find much but as soon as the storm passes we're expecting some great finds...if we can manage to be among the first back out there. (As you can tell the possability of seashells are my silver lining in this!)

Of course there are other concerns (rain, flooding, winds, do we need to board our windows?) and I'm praying that she heads out east not hitting land at all but that's not something they're predicting. Should we manage to avoid a dead on hit my thoughts and prayers go out to anyone else in Irene's path.

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