Wednesday, July 27, 2011


It's been raining here on the Grand Strand for almost the whole week. The Sea Captain and I saw this as a perfect opportunity for shelling. There we were at North Myrtle in the pouring rain doing the "Shell Stoop" at the high tide line finding lots of olives and cockles and even a few baby whelks when I spotted something I couldn't identify. The Sea Captain was unsure what it was as well so we picked up a few. It was a light brown and had a smooth shell it was smallish and almost shaped like a slipper shell. As we continued down the beach we commented on the overabundance of trash littering the shore; Orange peels, cigarette butts, bottle caps, peanut was disgusting. As we were bemoaning the trash we suddenly knew what the new shells were...Pistachio shells! We had a good laugh over our North Atlantic Pistachio shells and promptly dropped them in the trash!

Please consider this post a friendly reminder to pick up your trash at the beach.

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