Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mermaid Sighting on America's Next Top Model

 I'm not huge into reality shows so I didn't catch this one the first time around back in 2006 (boy am I slow.) My DVR did happen to record it the other day so I watched a bit (and mostly fastforwarded to the shoot.)
In each show the girls are given photo shoot assignments and in the episode The Girl Who Is A Model, Not A Masseuse, the girls are told that they must hang upside down in a net, in a mermaid tail, over a river market. If that wasn't enough raw fish get added to the nets for a little reality! CRAZY! I thought the girls did a pretty good job of hiding the discomfort and I was super shocked that they weren't more excited!
Here's a clip:

Joanie won the episode but in the end Danielle ended up winning the whole show!

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