Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Katy Perry's Mermaid "Planking" and more mermaid Gaga

So obviously I'm the last person to hear about "planking" (laying flat on your stomach while balancing on something) but anyway, this morning Katy Perry tweeted a photo of herself "planking" in a mermaid costume saying "PROPER planking FTW! #itswhatArielwoulddo"! Now the rumor mill is swirling with theories that this could have something to do with her next music video! Very cool, and also not the first time Katy's been a bit fishy!
Of course not everyone is happy with the photo. Gaga's Little Monsters (what her fans are called) are ticked. They have been raging since the photo came out. Apparently they think Katy is ripping Gaga off!? Sounds kind of petty to me. It's been done before, will be done again...anyone remember Madonna's Cherish video? Ok how about Sade's video for No Ordinary Love? Or remember Bette Midler!?

And speaking of Gaga, she has once again mentioned doing something "fishy." On Taiwanese tv while discussing her next video, she said "I will also say that Yuyi is in incubation. I won't explain it but all the little monsters who are superfans will understand what I'm saying if they follow my twitter. Yuyi may just be born in the next video." Just so you know Yuyi is the name she gave to the mermaid she preformed as on Le Grande Journal.

At any rate... More mermaids = more interest in mermaids which = Awesome!


  1. More mermaids = Awesome, indeed! I think it's hilarious how Rihanna got the jump on both of them! http://okiedokieartichokie.tumblr.com/post/6055453334

  2. Music stars as mermaids is cool. But now it's time to take it to the political arena. Politicians as merpeople. Wonder if it will catch on?

  3. Ooh a political mermaid! So I guess that begs the question; Will you be voting Merpublican or DeMercrat?

  4. I think this is pretty funny, people are acting like lady gaga invented mermaids!.Katy has done the mermaid look before, and she definatly looks more likea mermaid in the outfit the lady gaga did in hers. xx


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