Thursday, June 30, 2011

Seaweed Bath Company

A couple of weeks ago I came across an article that mentioned the Seaweed Bath Company. I did a little more reading and learned the company was founded by Adam Grossman, a psoriasis sufferer who found relief in seaweed. His company has created shampoo and body wash, bath soaks and body butter all designed to help people with eczema and psoriasis, or anyone with dry, flaky, itchy skin. 
Being rather fond of seaweed and it's benefits (not to mention the atopic dermatitis) you know I had to give it a try.  I decided to try one thing at a time and bought the Wildly Natural Unscented Body Butter and so far, I love it! I've tried it on hands and elbows, feet and knees and it seems to work well. Being in a tube much like deoderant it allows you to put it anywhere you want without getting it all over your hands. It's not horribly thick or greasy and the moisture lasts on my skin for most of the day. It has a slight scent from the shea butter and the bladderwrack but nothing overwhelming.
For those of you that aren't scent sensitive they've got lemongrass, peppermint, and lavender scents using all natural oils.
I'm planning to try the powder bath next and eventually the shampoo (which is thankfully free of sulfates, and scents.) Of course shampoo being the product I have the most difficulty with I'll probably force the Sea Captain to give it a try first.

You can buy the products directly from the company or from Amazon!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Folkstone Mermaid

Georgina Baker, 38, was chosen from a shortlist of 50 people to model for a £25,000 nude statue replica in Folkestone of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen. You can read the whole story at the Daily Mail online.

I think it's quite neat and she must feel oh so lucky. Of course in my opinion nothing beats the original statue!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another Mermaid Sighting on the Muppets

This time it's Mermaid Piggy with Robin, Kermit and an undersea band! Look for Animal and a sharky looking Flounder a little over half way!

Also someone finally posted the Ethel Mermaid song from Sesame Street!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mermaid Sighting AD 90 and 558

This is the story of Liban the mermaid, although she didn't start off life as a mermaid. Her sighting in 558 was written about in The Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland, compiled in 1636. It is interesting to see that this mermaid is held in high esteem by the church (even considered holy) despite other stories of pagan mermaids and the belief that mermaids lacked a soul.

In AD 90 a sacred well overflowed forming Lough Neagh. Eochaidh and all his children, excepting his daughter Liban, were drowned. Liban was swept below the lake to a cave where she and her dog lived for twelve months under God's protection. Eventually Liban became bored and lonely and prayed to God that she could become a salmon and join th eother fishes. Her prayer was granted by way of a tail only; her dog was changed into an otter. Liban swam the seas as a mermaid for hundreds of years.
In 557 Beoc, a fisherman and missionary, was sent by St.Comgall to Rome to speak with Pope Gregory. At sea Beoc heard the most beautiful singing below his boat that his crew thought it must be angles. Hearing them, Liban swam to the surface saying:
"I have lived for hundreds of years beneath the sea, and I have come hither to fix a day and a place of meeting with thee. I shall now go westward, and I beseech thee, for the sake of the holy men of Dalraida, to come to Inver Ollarba to meet me, on this same day at the end of a year. Say also to Comgalland to the other holy men of Bangor, all that I say to thee. Come with thy boats and thy fishing nets, and thou shalt take me from the waters in which I have lived."
Beoc finished his journey to Rome and on his return to Ireland told St. Comgall and the rest at the monastary of his meeting with the mermaid.
On the appointed meeting day all the men arrived at Onver Ollarba. They caught Liban, took her ashore and placed her in a boat filled with water where the crowd that had gathered could look at her. After a while the Saints told Liban that she could choose to die and go straight to Heaven or she could live for three hundred years on land and then go to heaven. She chose to go to heaven immediatly, was baptized by St. Comgall and was buried at Beoc's church, Teo-da-Beoc. There she is revered and supposedly miracles have occured through her.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Benefit Beauty in a Box

Available online only, Benefit has a very special kit of handpicked favorites from their cosmetic line!
The box is way cute with a mermaid chatting on her shell phone by a pretty famous bridge!

The kit includes:

- 0.16 oz full size Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in R.S.V.P (sparkling champagne)

- 0.14 oz deluxe travel size A Little Bit Badgal Lash Mascara in Black

- 0.34 oz full size Some Kind-A Gorgeous in Medium (sheer natural beige)

- 0.42 oz full size Dallas (rosy bronze)

- 0.4 oz full size Girl Meets Pearl (pearly golden pink)
It also comes with directions on how to use each item, so you can't mess up with this kit. They're only available for a limited time so order it soon!


It seems the Isla Sirena stuff is just about to be released on the DuWop site!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tomorrow is the Coney Island Mermaid Parade!

Celebrate King Neptune (Man v. Food host Adam Richman) and his mermaid queen (NBC New York’s Cat Greenleaf), as well as the throngs of semiaquatic (and seminaked) creatures, perched on floats and walking the streets of Coney Island during the Coney Island Mermaid Parade (W 21st St at Surf Ave to the Boardwalk at Stillwell Ave, Coney Island, Brooklyn; 718-372-5159,; 2pm; free). Over-the-top under-the-sea costumes are de rigueur; smear a little glitter paint on your face and you’ll fit right in. (Check out our Coney Island guide for more things to do while you're in the area.) Stick around for the Mermaid Parade Ball (New York Aquarium, Surf Ave at 8th St, Coney Island, Brooklyn;; 7pm; $25), featuring live music, burlesque performers and more.

I'll be sure to post links to some fintastic pics (if you happen to be there please send me a link or to your pictures or feel free to submit an entry)!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gaga gets Fishy again...or does she?

Lady Gaga recently dressed as a mermaid on Le Grand Journal performing her recent hit "The Edge of Glory." This sparked rumours that the video to accompany the song with be mermaid themed.  Video director Laurieann Gibson also hinted that the video would be fishy, so I've got my fingers crossed hoping that it will be awesome! We'll find out tonight when the video premeires on So You Think You Can Dance (not something I watch but probably will force myself to watch it for the video!)

This is of course not the first time Gaga's dabbled in mermaidery she dressed mermish in the Paparazzi video and also posed for Vanity Fair looking like Sea Nymph.


There was nothing fishy or mermaidenly about the video. It was not under the sea or anything.  There is a reason for this according to the New York Post:

Yesterday he ( Joseph Kahn ) Tweeted, "I did NOT direct Lady Gaga's 'Edge of Glory' video. Lady Gaga did -- I don't co-direct. One canvas, one paintbrush. Respect the art. Very simple rule with me."

This seemed to imply disagreements on the set, a theory that has been corroborated by Joseph's team, sources close to production and, well, watching the video.
One such insider, Chancler Haynes (Kahn's on-set editor), revealed on Twitter exactly what went down in a series of DM's with a fan ... who then released the conversation.
It seems that the mermaid motif GaGa debuted on "Le Grand Journal" was supposed to be the video's theme as well. "[Joseph Kahn] had sets built for a hospital scene, Brooklyn Bridge, and a big underwater mermaid scene. It all made sense. Concept was done," Chancler wrote.
But somewhere along the way there was, to hear Laurieann tell it, "an issue." One that, according to Chancler, stemmed straight from The Haus of GaGa. "GaGa changed her mind and told Joseph what to do. His hands were tied. The director just didn't have control over GaGa after she started making changes [and] Joseph's concept died."

Ok so was anything shot or filmed before the mind change? I mean other than the production stills. If so I really hope we get a peek!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

G of the Sea

Earlier this year Gwen Stefani released a new fragrance in her Harajuku Lovers line called G of the Sea with an adorable mermaid right on top of the bottle. Not being able to wear most perfumes I have yet to try this one but the scent is described as "fresh, aquatic fragrance with a dry down of sun-drenched woods. Delight in juicy splashes of crisp apple, magical water lily, and the tangy sweet surge of crushed berries. Soak in a heart filled with flirty bouquets of dewy freesia, whispers of pink peony, and delicate kisses of jasmine petals. Finally, leave an enchanting trail of smooth sundrenched woods, sensual, transparent musks, and luscious amberwood." Sounds very complex.

Sephora (where you can purchase the fragrance) also has the new G of the Sea bag collection perfect for toting your makeup (or whatever) around. Not enough? Regencies has some of the larger bags as well as some from a line called Water Colored Mermaids.

Disney Sketchbook Series: The Little Mermaid

I've been scouring the internets for a copy of the Little Mermaid Sketchbook that's under $200, (I haven't been lucky so I'm gonna have to dig deep for this one.) I did find a blog that belongs to a CalArts teacher. This person has put up a pdf file of said sketchbook for the students. I have thus far not recieved a response to my emails but have decided to go ahead and put up the link since if anyone looks for it, they're gonna find it anyway! Enjoy!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Andy Samberg hosts Shark Week

I am super excited about this! The Sea Captain and I just love the Lonely Island guys!

This is from

Did Andy Samberg have any reservations about being the host — or Chief Shark Officer — for Discovery’s 24th annual Shark Week, which kicks off July 31? “I had reservations at the restaurant of destiny,” he jokes to EW. “It has very little to do with me on the surface, which to me was a perfect sign that I should do it. Everyone loves Shark Week. I love Shark Week. I was just so flattered. The pitch was that I would get to fly to the Bahamas and literally swim with sharks, and I was thinking there’s no way I would ever have the balls to do that on my own, so I went for it.”

This week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly has the first look at Samberg swimming with Caribbean reef sharks for his own Aug. 4 special, Shark City. “My buddy John Solomon, who’s a director and a writer at SNL came with me. We were doing a bunch of wrap-arounds for the show, and I’d been floating there in the water, and I was like, ‘Okay, I think we got that. Should we chum the water and get some sharks over here?’ And everyone on the boat kinda looked down, kinda looked away, like, ‘Yeah, yeah, we should, um, get some sharks over here,’” Samberg recalls. “It turned out that there had been huge sharks all around me the entire time, and I just hadn’t realized it because they were under the water.”

Samberg also shot footage at his CSO desk in the water, which was quickly surrounded by sharks after some chumming. “They were definitely dumping tons of bloody meat into the water all around me. I knew that they needed to do it to get the sharks over there, but there’s also a part of me that was like, have you guys heard of Photoshop? Like, we live in an era where you don’t have to actually do this. But I guess they’re purists over at Discovery,” he says. He admits falling backwards blindly into sharks, even if they’re gentle Caribbean reefs, scared him. “But I had to just kind of ignore it. I went into Braveheart mode,” he says.

“If you want to know the coolest part,” Samberg says of filming the special, “it was getting to go in the little one-man submarine and, like, drive through a bunch of tropical fish while they tickle my feet. I just kept asking everyone if they’d seen my son Nemo.”

As part of Samberg's duties, he's also the face of Discovery's Shark Week Challenge. At, fans can post their own 30-second Shark Week commercials. A select 16 will make it into a tournament bracket game, and the two spots receiving the most votes will actually air on Discovery. "That’s definitely a fun part, encouraging people out there to do their own Shark Week stuff," Samberg says. "Like, I’d always enjoyed Shark Week, but I didn’t realize until I did this how much people love Shark Week. Every single person I’ve told that I’m doing this has to take a pause and be like, No [pause] Way. There’s a real passion and excitement for Shark Week, so I lucked out."

Also look for last year's specials (Restless Fury) to be on DVD July 19th, and don't forget to check out the great shirts and etc. at the Discovery shop!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mermaid and Other Water Spirit Tales From Around the World

My favorite compiler of all things fairy tale related, Heidi Anne Heiner, has a mermaid/water sprite book coming soon!
Although there's no date yet she'll update soon on her blog! You can also check out the table of contents for this 828 page book! Also be sure to pick it up as soon as its out, if the response is good enough she's got enough info to write a second volume!!!

You should also pick up her other books! There's a story in her Sleeping Beauties book called Richilda (it's a Snow White tale) that knocked my socks off!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Today is World Oceans Day!

Our oceans need your help! Everywhere species are being fished out of existance and our seas/lakes/rivers are being polluted.

What can you do to help? Take the Seven C's Pledge and learn about how you can help our oceans!

The Seven C's:

  • Commit to making a real difference
    Aim to be carbon neutral by reducing and offsetting your energy consumption.
  • Conserve in your home
    Upgrade to Energy Star appliances and compact fluorescent light bulbs.
  • Consume consciously
    Rethink what you need, purchase “green” products, buy locally grown foods, and choose
    sustainable seafood.
  • Communicate your interests and concerns
    Let your friends, family, colleagues, and the local media know about the impact of climate change on the ocean.
  • Challenge yourself daily
    Walk, bike, carpool, and take public transportation to cut down your carbon emissions.
  • Connect in your community
    Get active as a volunteer with a local
    watershed or ocean group.
And don't forget to wear something blue to show your support!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ripley Mermaids Video

We went to Ripley's today. I have to wait for our pictures to be developed before I can share them (digital camera died on us so we had to buy a disposable) but I did take a minute or so of video on my phone!

As for the aquarium it's nice but it doesn't compare to the one in ATL! 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mermaids at Ripley's

Today while we were out shopping the Sea Captain and I saw several billboards for Ripley's Aquarium with lovely mermaids on them saying Text Maid to XXXX for more information. You know I had to run right home and check it out!
So the big news is Ripley's aquarium here in Myrtle Beach has got mermaid shows going on all summer (May 27th until September 5th.)
It would seem that the week-long visits from the Weeki Wachee mermaids over the past couple of summers really got business booming so Ripley's has trained their own girls!
There will be three shows daily (12, 4 and 8pm) plus the opportunity to visit the mermaids and have your picture taken. You can also visit Ripley's Fancy Fins Mermaid Boutique for makeovers and to purchase souvenirs. There will also be Mermaid Camps, where you can learn to swim with the mermaids (ages 6-14.)
For more information, call Ripley's Aquarium at 843-916-0888 or check out the website
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