Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Tangled, Disney's 50th animated movie, comes out today. I managed to see it in theaters and thought it was nice and honestly very pretty.

A few thing to look for/think about while you're watching the movie:

Since the first previews came out alot of people have been comparing Rapunzel to Ariel since they are both Glen Keane creations.

Girlonthemove has posted a list of Ariel/Rapunzel similarities! The most obvious to me was the parallel between the lantern scene and Kiss the Girl.

All around Rapunzel's staircase are symbols representing the other princesses. I've seen Snow White's apple so far!

Look for Pinocchion and Pumba in the pub scene.

In the bookshop there are several Disney books including the Little Mermaid!

During one scene there is a tree growing sideways on a cliff. Looks like the one in Sleeping Beauty to me.

Supposedly there are alot more hidden things so keep your eyes peeled!!

Also check this link out!

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