Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Mermaid Sighting on the Simpsons

This past Sunday the sixteenth episode of the twenty-second season aired. A Midsummer's Nice Dreams was abou Cheech and Chong breaking up and Marge becoming a hoarder. Right at the beginning we're told Cheech and Chong will be preforming at the new Clampitheater down at the Squidport...that's right, Clampitheater! I love their silliness. The mermiads are right there on the sign! Unfortunately that's where Cheech and Chong break up and so take thier seperate shows on the road, so we don't get any more nautical nonsense and no more mermaids. Despite it's short appearance, the Clampitheater is genius. I hope we see more of it.


  1. I hear there's mermaids...and zombies...in the new Pirates of the Caribbean film.

  2. Oh dear. Zombies totally creep me out! But it will all be worth it for the mermaids...I hope.


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