Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Tournament of Roses Parade Mermaid Sighting

The annual Rose Bowl Parade has been going on since 1890 and is now watched by millions!
Yesterday there was a float that was just fantastic by our standards. Odd Fellows & Rebekahs had an underwater fantasy float complete with walking mermaids!! The float was designed by Cynthia Mcminimy. Apparently we weren't the only one who loved the won the Princesses' Trophy for most beautiful entry under 35 feet in length! There were other fishy floats but this was the best.

As a rule the parade floats must be made of organic things. Seeds, flowers, fruits, veggies etc. Nothing artificial can be used not even to color it. I find it very impressive that there are new floats every year and that they can make them look so incredible with only seeds and flowers and whatnot.

 Here's the official write-up "Height: 16.5 ft. Width: 18 ft. Length: 35 ft.

The Odd Fellows & Rebekahs 58th Rose Parade entry will make viewers' dreams of an underwater adventure come true. A sea turtle and her baby are at the front of the float, joined by a school of cardinal fish, porcelain crabs, blue clams and a gigantic snowflake eel. This nautical menagerie is presented in a setting of sea kelp, watermelon mushroom polyps, fuji polyps, bracket coral, siphonogorgia red coral and sinularia coral. And, rather than 20,000 leagues under the sea, these ocean creatures will be swimming at 864 feet above sea level as they make their way along the 5 %BD mile parade route.
The mama sea turtle at the front of the float has a shell of small white beans, whole lentil seeds and palm bark pieces with yellow strawflower highlights; her head is decorated with fine walnut shell, powdered onion seed and bronze strawflower, and her fins are covered in fine ground white rice with nori seaweed spots, with undersides covered in paper bark. The baby turtle has a shell of small black beans, poppy seed, dark lettuce seed and fine ground white rice; its fins are covered with nori seaweed, poppy seed, fine ground rice with undersides of white strawflower.
The cardinal fish have bodies of fine ground white rice, fine cut light pink strawflower, and gold flax seed, with nori seaweed black stripes. Their fins are nori, highlighted with small white beans and dark brown flax seed. The snowflake eel has a body of fine cut white everlasting, nori, small black beans, yellow strawflower and whole split peas applied in a circular pattern for added texture. The clams are covered with fine cut dark blue statice, ground onion seed, fine ground split pea, fine cut white strawflower and fine ground white rice. The porcelain crabs are covered with fine ground coconut and super fine ground orange and salmon lentil seeds, with highlights of small red kidney beans. The fuji polyps are created with centers of fine cut hot pink statice on a background of dark purple statice, with highlights of whole split peas and ground onion seed and stems of fine cut light lavender statice. The sinularia coral at the front of the float features a body created with fine cut bronze strawflower and tips of fine cut yellow strawflower, accented with everlasting "buds" for a textured accent.
The watermelon mushrooms are decorated with silverleaf and bronze strawflower, with undersides of ground orange lentil seed. The kelp plants at the rear of the float are covered with fine ground yellow and green split pea, accented by fine ground parsley flakes. The sea bed deck of the float is alive with roses, carnations, daisies and iris in bright and light yellow, white, orange, gold, peach, pink, hot pink, dark blue, purple and red. Emphasizing the natural appearance of the underwater scene are spanish moss, reindeer moss, asparagus fern, boxwood fern, heliconia, brunia, dusty miller, emu grass, bells of Ireland, coral branch, magdalena ting, liatris, mitsumata tree, amaranthus, sarracenia and pink mink protea.

And, as if the float wasn't enough, there were more mermaids...on ...horses!!! They were the equestrian girl's team riding american quarter horses (I think.)

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  1. That's a first. Never seen a mermaid on horseback before...maybe seahorse, but not landhorse.


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