Friday, October 1, 2010

Sea Monster Month

The last time I attempted to dedicate a month to certain types of posts (March) I failed miserably. Let's see if I can manage to do it right this time.

October at Lost City will be dedicated to the Sea Monster!

Hopefully at least most of my posts this month will be dedicated to this sometimes creepy, often misunderstood sea monsters, both real and imagined. We will probably also try to get around to talking about the infamous sea witch!

I'll also be doing a few posts on mermaid costumes and the like to get you all Halloween ready!


  1. What an excellent idea! I can't wait for all the sea monsters. Still loving your posts!

  2. ps; Maybe a post about my favorite sea monster, Sigmund of Sigmund and the Sea Monsters fame!

  3. Glad you're enjoying them!

    I do have a post on Sugmund planned!


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