Thursday, September 23, 2010


"Mr. Showmanship, the Candelabra Kid, Guru of Glitter, Mr. Smiles, The King of Diamonds, and Mr. Box Office, Wladzui "Walter" Valentino Liberace was for many the epitome of camp, excess, and flamboyance."

If you doubt how flamboyant he was think of this...the man had 39 different pianos (including one concert grand covered entirely in glittering mirror squares) and a ridiculous amount of costumes. (As a kid, whenever I wanted to dress over the top my dad would be like "Tone it down Liberace.")

The reason I bring him up is the picture on the right.

In 1984 Liberace was to appear at World’s Fair in New Orleans and had Michael Travis design a special costume for him. The costume was called the "King Neptune" and is an orange/salmon colored, beaded and sequined costume of indeterminate cost. The attention to detail is overwhelming.
The "King Neptune" was the heaviest of his non-fur costumes at 200-pounds it was covered with a quarter of a million hand-sewn rhinestones, sequins, and beads, not to mention two thousand fresh water pearls.

It is currently housed at the Liberace museum in Las Vegas, so if you ever get the opportunity be sure to check it out!

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