Friday, August 13, 2010

Zennor Mermaid part 2

If you remember I've already written about the mermaid of Zennor and the bench end. Here is an addition to the tale that I recently came across.

Several years after Matthew Trewella's disappearance  a mermaid rose from the sea bed to complain with the captain of a ship lying off Pendower Cove. His anchor was laying across her door under the sea and prevented her from going home to her husband, Matthew Trewella and their children. The captian gave orders, the anchor was drawn up, and upon their return to Zennor the captain spread the word of Matthew's fate. The villagers, in an effort to warn other young men of Matthew's fate (remember by taking to the sea he gave up his soul,) had the image of the mermaid carved in holy-oak in the church.

In another version of this part of the tale, it is Matthew who asks the sailors to move anchor as his wife is trapped in the house and they don't want to be late for church.  This is of course probably not the version circulated by the church. It probably comes to us from the belief that everything on land had a under sea counterpart; Sea cats and dogs, and under sea churches, etc.

At any rate, it is an interesting addition to a very fine tale.

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  1. So is the Zennor mermaids story real? or just a children's story passed down in Cornwall?


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