Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shark Rant!!!

Forgive the rant!

I've lately found that online, Shark Week and more specifically the Discovery Channel take a lot of heat (see this ridiculous petition) for supposedly promoting the image of Sharks as senseless eating/killing machines.  I have been watching Shark Week forever and do not find this to be true.
I've learned that shark attacks are very rare and can usually be prevented. From watching the Discovery Channel I know to avoid the water at dawn, dusk, or night, not to swim alone, to avoid swimming with jewelry on, not to swim with pets, and to most certainly not swim while bleeding.
I've learned that sharks are endangered and killed senselessly (humans kill 100 million sharks each year) which is of course helping to destroy the ecosystem. I've learned that several thousand people die annually from lightning strikes, whereas in 2000, the year the US had the most shark attacks ever, only 79 people were attacked, and of those only 16 died.

The Discovery Channel is not all fear-mongering when it comes to sharks (although I admit there is some) there are lessons to be learned.  Shark attacks do happen and it wouldn't be right for them not to show it. Catchy titles grab attention, they reel you in with blood and gore, but you walk away learning something. It would be unrealistic to expect to watch and not see a few shark attacks. I honestly would like to see more shows about shark conservation but I still feel the shows they have shouldn't be blasted.

Just last year Discovery Channel ran public service announcements " to end the illegal, but prominent, practice of shark finning, a brutal process of removing sharks’ fins that sometimes ends in poachers throwing a live shark overboard, letting it bleed to death as it sinks to the ocean floor." Shark finning has reduced the shark population by 90 percent over the last 50 years, and certain species are down 95 percent.

So before you go off on how Shark Week and the Discovery Channel are so bad why not watch it and see for yourselves!?

End of rant.


  1. Rants are allowed...especially when they are needed to thwart ignorance. Keep up the great work.

    PS I dig sharks.

  2. Thanks! I was a little worried about going off there, I'm glad to know it was well received. :)

    Also, I'm glad you're enjoying the sharks!


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