Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shark Bites and childhood memories

I think my love of sharks stems from a childhood toy I had of Jaws. It was actually the integral piece of a game but I had no idea. We picked it up when I was three at a yard sale and I'd play with him in the bath with my Sea Wees.

Sharks were the epitome of bad-ass when I was a kid and I always rooted for Jaws to eat everyone! I vaguely remember crying the first time I saw Jaws 3 because the shark died.As I got older (you know, like 9) there seemed to be a swarm of shark related stuff and I fell for sharks all over again. Mostly because of a snack. That's right Shark Bites were awesome! I remember that they didn't put a great white in every pack so they were rare and therefore sought after. The commercial of course way over-hyped it but I bought it hook, line, and sinker. (Pun definitely intended!)
I also remember seeing a Shark Attack game, also not nearly as cool as it seemed in the commercial, but I clearly remember wanting one.
After that there wasn't anything shark I wasn't into. On my first stateside trip to the beach I spent my money on a hat that was "blood-stained" and had a bite taken out of it.

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