Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Monster High

Oh to be 10 again. . .
Monster High is a line of freakishly fabulous monster dolls by Mattel. Each figure is either related to, or the offspring of, one of the classic Hollywood monsters (I always had a soft spot for the Universal horror films.)
If you check out the website there are webisodes (WARNING if you are over 15 you may have an aneurysm from the episodes) and in September a book will be released. There are also rumors of a movie from Universal. The series is all about fitting in, which is of course really important for tweens and teens and well everyone really. I can also see where the reemergence of the goth trend (thanks to Twilight) has influenced this.

The reason I bring this up, is one of the characters, Lagoona Blue, is the daughter of the Sea Monster (although she looks more like 'the creature' from the Black Lagoon movies.) She's fabulously fishy! I'm not much of a doll collector (I've got my sea wees from childhood and my Limited edition Snow White,) but I do think she'd look cute on my desk.


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