Monday, August 30, 2010

Mermaid Themed Wedding

Prince Nikoloas of Greece and Tatiana Blatnik had a beautiful seaside wedding on the 26th. He’s the son of exiled Greek monarch King Constantine and she is the granddaughter of late US politician John A Blatnik and is the events planner for Diane von Furstenberg. 


For their lovely wedding she had her bridesmaids dress as mermaids... well at least emulate mermaids!


A lot of people are saying it's tacky, but I think the bridesmaids dresses are much nicer than some I've seen and definitely preferable to the one I had to wear to my cousin's wedding. Plus they match the sea theme of the wedding! The swishy skirts are evocative of the waves and are in lovely colors. The sequin top is borderline, but why have a boring humdrum wedding? A theme wedding is memorable and probably much more fun for the guests (I've had to sit through my share of boring weddings!)


  1. I think it looks fuN!

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