Saturday, July 24, 2010

Neptune (god of the sea)

In honor of Neptunalia, a poem for today.

The mystical god of the deep blue sea
When nymphs marveled the ancient earth
And little mermaids reigned carefree
From pristine lakes to Atlantis sea
When no human species spoiled the soil
And minotaurs still roamed around
Unicorns raced freely with the solar wind
And centaurs charged with blazing speed.
But the celestial sun sealed the fate of man
One mighty swoop wrestled Neptune’s arm
Pristine lakes became lava of death
Atlantis transformed into ocean red
The nymphs and mermaids are now gone
Unicorns and centaurs all vanished too
Some transformed into birds and thud
Other species fossilized in sun and mud
Only the whales and sharks faithfully bide
To remind us of sea god once upon a time.

Ross H. Bruce


  1. "When little mermaids reigned carefree" in the Atlantean empire...those were the good old days.


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