Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mermen and Mermaid sighting on Spongebob

July 5 saw the premiere of Spongebob: The Clash of Triton special featuring Victoria Beckham as Neptunes wife Amphitrite (John O'Hurley as Neptune and Sebastian Bach as Triton.) And I missed it! Fortunately for me it was released tuesday on DVD as Triton's Revenge (wow that's fast!)  Apparently it came out so fast to capitalize on the fact that Nick pulled in 5.2 MILLION viewers (and came in at number 2 against all shows in that spot except the Bachelorette!) WOW!!

Check out the preview:

According to TV Guide "In “The Clash of Triton,” King Neptune wants to celebrate his 5,000th birthday at the hottest spot in town – none other then the Krusty Krab! SpongeBob and crew spare no expense for the gala, rolling out the red carpet to welcome the royal family. Despite their best efforts, the absence of Neptune’s son, Triton, brings down the king’s spirits and spoils the festivities for everyone, especially his wife, Queen Amphitrite. The gang soon learns that Neptune banished his son to a deserted island until Triton is ready to follow in his father’s footsteps. Determined to make this the king’s happiest birthday ever and save the day, SpongeBob sets out to find Triton and bring him back to the party. Unfortunately no one anticipated Triton’s wrath and now Bikini Bottom may get caught in the net of revenge meant for his father."

There's also a game on that's pretty cute!

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