Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Disney Little Mermaid Garden set

A couple of years ago Disney Shopping had a line of Little Mermaid garden statues that were quite cute. The two most special pieces are Sebastian and Ursula. You can tell from the picture that Ursula is a planter, but what you can't see is that Sebastian is a Hide-A-Key. When you lift him off of the rock there is a small compartment perfect for hiding your house key. Although that probably isn't safe. Of course, by the time I found out about them they were sold out. Recently I came across them again (well everyone except flounder) and, feeling extravagant, bought them!

Ursula arrived today and she is definitely my favorite piece (she's gonna look lovely on my porch!) In person she's slightly more brown and only 13 inches tall.  The dusty looking bits are actually painted on (greenish to look like rust.)

I just love her!!

Over the years Disney has done several other sets including two spectacular Snow White Garden Collection sets (so awesome that I had to buy the birdhouse and bird feeder from the second set) and some really cute Tinker Bell pieces.  Most of these sets are now highly sought after and rather expensive (especially the Snow White dwarfs.)


  1. Ursula makes a grand planter. The perfect porch ornamentation. Ariel looks like she might be a bird bath?

  2. I'm not sure since Ariel hasn't arrived yet. It'd be really great if she was!


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