Friday, July 2, 2010

Disney Couture

I've been a sometime fan of the Disney Couture jewelry and have several pieces (Snow White earrings and necklace, Cinderella earrings.)  They seem to have most of the princesses (even Pocahontas) covered with at least a piece or two (and a ton of Alice and Tinkerbell stuff), but no Ariel.  I have, of course, been waiting for them to do Little Mermaid stuff and it now seems as though they finally are!
According to Disney Couture will be releasing Little Mermaid themed pieces (of course they said May and I have yet to see any of the items!)

This is a preview of what we will be getting:  The item is called the Rainbow Mother of Pearl Necklace, and will sell for $145 at Disney Couture.

The collection is said to include 30 unique pieces that will range in price from $34 to $160. It will be designed by Lucas Design International (the other pieces have been designed by Kidada and the Alice stuff was designed by Tom Binns.)

It's kinda cute, I like the illusion of scales. Supposedly the collection will also include a gold-plated sandcastle and treasure box pendant necklaces, pop-top rings with pearls inside, braided leather charm bracelets and jellyfish and octopus-shaped earrings.

So you can compare here are a few of the older items:

You can find most of the items on Ebay (now that they are a few seasons old) or here.

Okay, after much searching I found out that the collection will be released in August (just in time for my birthday.)

I also found some more pictures.

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