Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just a Craig Nibble or two

LOL!! I can see why they wanted him to host Shark Week!

Shark Week

It's that time of year again. The time of year where I move to the couch for a whole week. That's right, Shark Week is here! I am a huge huge fan of Shark Week. When I imagine myself as a mermaid I see myself with shark for sidekick, ( instead of flounder!)

The Discovery Channel's Shark Week, first aired on July 27, 1987. For more on the history of Shark Week check out this page!  ;)

How are you celebrating Shark Week this year? From Sunday, August 1, to Wednesday, August 6, join Discovery Channel for a "Happy Shark Week" celebration featuring six brand-new jaw-dropping shark specials.

The Schedule of new shows:

Ultimate Air Jaws (Sunday, Aug 1 at 9 p.m. ET) - Ultimate Air Jaws continues the research of South African shark expert Christ Fallows. In other Shark Week productions (Air Jaws, Air Jaws 2: Even Higher) Chris Fallows uses high tech cameras to capture Great White sharks breaching (jumping out of the water) to kill seals. Ultimate Air Jaws will feature much of the same, returning to the Ring of Death to capture breaching white sharks in full HD slow motion. This episode is truly one to get excited for.
Into the Shark Bite (Sunday, Aug 1 at 10 p.m. ET) - Into the Shark Bite explores the destructive power and primal fear of a shark bite. Much like a past episode of Shark Week entitled Anatomy of A Shark Bite, Into the Shark Bite will most likely feature bite tests with actual sharks as well as tests in a lab. More over Into the Shark Bite promises an up close look at the jaws of these powerful animals. 
Man Vs Fish: Mako Shark (Monday, Aug 2 at 8 p.m. ET) - Man Vs Fish chronicles fisherman Matt Watson as he takes on some of the toughest and hard hitting fish in the world. In the episode airing on Shark Week Watson will take on the Mako shark, cousin to the Great White and the fastest shark in the sea. Mako sharks might not be the most infamous or well known but they are truly a fish to be feared and have a reputation for attacking humans.
Day of the Shark 3 (Tuesday, Aug 3 at 8 p.m. ET) - The Day of the Shark episodes take a look at specific examples of shark attacks. In some cases the show examines the cause of the attacks and also looks at the lasting effect that these attacks have on the victims and their families. In Day of the Shark 3, viewers will hear stories from a Navy Seal, two surfers, a fisherman and a recreational bather.
Shark Bite Beach (Wednesday, Aug 4 at 8 p.m. ET) - In 2008 there were multiple shark attacks off the coasts of California and Mexico, Shark Bite Beach goes back to the sites of these attacks and tries to find evidence for why they occurred.
Best Bite (Friday, Aug 6 at 8 p.m. ET) - Best Bite will be, more or less, a clip show exploring some of the great moments from Shark Week's past. This special will help put into perspective what Shark Week is all about, the investigation and preservation of a mysterious animal who owns our fear and intrigue.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ariel Screen Saver

I found some cute  screen savers here on the Disney Japan site. Two Ariel, one Tiana, and one Snow White.

Also there's some cute wallpapers.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Disney Little Mermaid Garden set

A couple of years ago Disney Shopping had a line of Little Mermaid garden statues that were quite cute. The two most special pieces are Sebastian and Ursula. You can tell from the picture that Ursula is a planter, but what you can't see is that Sebastian is a Hide-A-Key. When you lift him off of the rock there is a small compartment perfect for hiding your house key. Although that probably isn't safe. Of course, by the time I found out about them they were sold out. Recently I came across them again (well everyone except flounder) and, feeling extravagant, bought them!

Ursula arrived today and she is definitely my favorite piece (she's gonna look lovely on my porch!) In person she's slightly more brown and only 13 inches tall.  The dusty looking bits are actually painted on (greenish to look like rust.)

I just love her!!

Over the years Disney has done several other sets including two spectacular Snow White Garden Collection sets (so awesome that I had to buy the birdhouse and bird feeder from the second set) and some really cute Tinker Bell pieces.  Most of these sets are now highly sought after and rather expensive (especially the Snow White dwarfs.)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Is that your shell phone?

Well, starfish phone to be more exact! It's called the STAR-Lady's Phone it's from China (or something) but it is compatible with the AT&T network and it works world-wide! It's about $136.99, so it's still less expensive than the Sea Captain's phone!

Features :
  • Display Size : 1.8 Inch TFT; 256K color ; QVGA (240×320 pixels) resolution.
  • Internal Memory : 1M ; support extend card up to 2GB.
  • FREE 2 GB memory card !!!
  • Ringtones Type : Polyphonic / MP3
  • Audio File format : MP3 / WAV / AMR / AWB
  • Video File format : 3GP / MPEG4 (AVI)
  • Image File format : JPEG / BMP / GIF
  • E-book format : TXT
  • FM Radio
  • Data Transfer : USB / Bluetooth
  • GPRS and WAP
  • Charger : USB
  • Camera : Resolution  640×480 / 320×240 / 160×120 / 80×60
  • Input : Handwriting
  • Phone Book : 500 Entries
  • Messaging : SMS / MMS
  • Languages : English
  • More information : Dual cards standby phone / Support memory card / MP3 / MP4 player / World time / Calendar / Alarm clock / Calculator / Stopwatch / Shortcuts / E-book reader / Unit converter / Currency converter / Voice recorder... 

It comes in Pink, Gold, Green (my favorite) and Silver(Blue)! Buy it here! It also appears to be on eBay here!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The seas have gone crazy!

From Yahoo:

An Antarctic octopus that spews cold-resistant venom! A giant jellyfish that might have stung up to 100 people! A 40-ton whale that crushes yachts (well, at least one yacht, anyway)! The Web loves weird sea creatures. This past week, there was a lot to love.
Octopus fears no cold
They almost sound like some kind of a cartoon super villain. But not only are they real, they might have something to offer medicine. This past week, researchers discovered four new species of octopus "with venom that works at sub-zero temperatures." Odd as it sounds, the discovery may have an effect on medical research. A buzzy blog at explains that the different proteins in the venom may lead to developments for pain, allergy, and cancer medications. Web searchers were clearly interested. Almost immediately, Web searches on "antarctic octopus" and "octopus venom" both spewed skyward.
Giant jellyfish stings dozens
On Wednesday, between 50 and 100 beachgoers from New Hampshire were treated for jellyfish stings. Amazingly, they may have all come from the same jellyfish. An article from LiveScience explains that authorities believe that the lion's mane jellyfish (fancy name: Cyanea capillata) may have done the damage all on its own. Experts remain dubious that just one jellyfish, however huge and angry, could lash out at that many people. But LiveScience explains that "it is in the realm of possibility." Web lookups for "giant jellyfish" swam their way to a 347% gain for the week.
Whale crashes into yacht
There's the kind of whale watching, when you sit on your yacht and watch from a distance. And then there's the up-close kind that Paloma Werner and Ralph Mothes partook in this past week. While sitting on their 10-meter boat, off the coast of South Africa, a 40-ton whale jumped out of the ocean and landed in the middle of their yacht. Not surprisingly, the whale caused significant damage to the vessel, crushing the mast and rigging. But the two sailors were unhurt, as was the whale, who left behind a bit of blubber before sliding back into the sea. Experts believe the whale didn't know the boat was there, because the engine was off.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Neptune (god of the sea)

In honor of Neptunalia, a poem for today.

The mystical god of the deep blue sea
When nymphs marveled the ancient earth
And little mermaids reigned carefree
From pristine lakes to Atlantis sea
When no human species spoiled the soil
And minotaurs still roamed around
Unicorns raced freely with the solar wind
And centaurs charged with blazing speed.
But the celestial sun sealed the fate of man
One mighty swoop wrestled Neptune’s arm
Pristine lakes became lava of death
Atlantis transformed into ocean red
The nymphs and mermaids are now gone
Unicorns and centaurs all vanished too
Some transformed into birds and thud
Other species fossilized in sun and mud
Only the whales and sharks faithfully bide
To remind us of sea god once upon a time.

Ross H. Bruce

Friday, July 23, 2010

Neptunalia is Today

Neptune's festival Neptunalia is celebrated on July 23rd and 24th. In the middle of ancient Italy's really hot and dry summer season, when rivers were low and water was most scarce, Romans sought Neptune's protection of irrigation waters and water works (aqueducts, wells, etc.) 
Virtually nothing is known about how the two day festival was celebrated, except that the people used to build huts of branches and foliage in which they probably feasted, drank, and amused themselves. A bull might be sacrificed to Neptune and cooked over open fires and the revelers would typically spend the night under the stars and celebrate on into the next day. 

Honoring Neptune on these days would assure rainfall for the crops and prevent a drought. Neptunalia was also considered to be an auspicious day to start new irrigation works, which were easier to construct in summer than during other wetter seasons.

Some places have revived this festival! The citizens of Fremont celebrate it with a parade and other festivities. How will you celebrate Neptunalia?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mermaid Sighting 2008 In South Africa

This article was originally published on page 5 of Cape Argus on January 16, 2008

By Aldo Pekeur

In what can best be described as the Western Cape's own Loch Ness monster, the legendary "mermaid" known as the Kaaiman has reportedly been spotted in the Buffelsjags River at Suurbraak, a village close to Swellendam.

While mythcial creatures like mermaids are usually the stuff of fairytales, generations of Suurbraak residents swear that the creature exists.

The latest "sighting", about 11 days ago, certainly now has some sceptical Suurbraak residents believing the tales of the Kaaiman told to them by their elders.

Suurbraak resident Daniel Cupido said he and a group of friends were relaxing after enjoying a potjiekos braai at the camping site next to the river when, at about 11.30pm on January 5, he heard something that sounded like someone "bashing on a wall".

Suspecting vandals, Cupido said he walked toward the sound coming from the nearby low water bridge.

At the bridge he said he saw a figure, "like that of a white woman with long black hair thrashing about in the water".

Thinking to save her, he waded toward her, but said he stopped in his tracks when he noticed a reddish shine in her eyes.

He said the sight sent shivers down his spine.

He called for his child Deidrian, 13, and his nephew Werner Plaatjies, 11, to help him.

Cupido claimed the creature was "hypnotic".

He then called to some of his friends to come and take a look as well.

His friend Martin Olckers said he saw what was "definitely" a female figure swimming, first on one side of the low water bridge, then on the other, and then standing on the bridge before diving back into the black water.

Olckers said all the while the figure was making "the strangest sound", like a woman crying.

Olckers's mother, Dina, who was also there, said the figure sounded so sorrowful that "my heart could take it no more".

Her husband, Martinus Olckers, said they identified the figure as the legendary Kaaiman, a creature their parents had warned them about, but they never believed existed.

The Kaaiman was described as a half-human, half-fish creature that lived in deep pools in the river. It is white in colour and has long black hair and red eyes. Dina Olkers said the creature had an eerie silver-white glow.

The last sighting of the Kaaiman was about 15 years ago. Previously it was last spotted more than 20 years earlier.

Some people hold the Kaaiman responsible for drownings in the river, believing it traps you with objects your heart desires.

Suurbraak tourism officer Maggy Jantjies said the elders had warned them about the Kaaiman and could tell stories dating back two or three generations about spotting the creature.

When asked if she believed the story, she said that she knew the people who saw the Kaaiman well and that they did not misuse alcohol, so they could not be talking "drunken nonsense".

"It's something we have to take seriously," said Jantjies. - West Cape News

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Shark Week Promo

Shark Week 2010 Press Release

The Mermaid's Purse, by Ted Hughes

The Mermaid's shriek
Made Ocean shake.

She'd opened her purse
For an Aspirin-
What a shock!
Out came a shark
With a great black fin
Hissing: "Here's Nurse
And Surgeon in one
Great flashing grin!"

Now headache
And head have gone
Or she'd feel worse.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mermen and Mermaid sighting on Spongebob

July 5 saw the premiere of Spongebob: The Clash of Triton special featuring Victoria Beckham as Neptunes wife Amphitrite (John O'Hurley as Neptune and Sebastian Bach as Triton.) And I missed it! Fortunately for me it was released tuesday on DVD as Triton's Revenge (wow that's fast!)  Apparently it came out so fast to capitalize on the fact that Nick pulled in 5.2 MILLION viewers (and came in at number 2 against all shows in that spot except the Bachelorette!) WOW!!

Check out the preview:

According to TV Guide "In “The Clash of Triton,” King Neptune wants to celebrate his 5,000th birthday at the hottest spot in town – none other then the Krusty Krab! SpongeBob and crew spare no expense for the gala, rolling out the red carpet to welcome the royal family. Despite their best efforts, the absence of Neptune’s son, Triton, brings down the king’s spirits and spoils the festivities for everyone, especially his wife, Queen Amphitrite. The gang soon learns that Neptune banished his son to a deserted island until Triton is ready to follow in his father’s footsteps. Determined to make this the king’s happiest birthday ever and save the day, SpongeBob sets out to find Triton and bring him back to the party. Unfortunately no one anticipated Triton’s wrath and now Bikini Bottom may get caught in the net of revenge meant for his father."

There's also a game on that's pretty cute!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Fish Husband

Today's tale comes to us from the book Mermaid Tales From Around the World by Mary Pope Osbourn. The tale is Nigerian.

Long ago, in an African village, there lived a very beautiful girl.  All the men in the village were bewitched by her, and asked for her hand in marriage.  But steadfastly she refused.  She insisted she would only marry the most handsome man in all the land.
        One day, as the girl was browsing through the market place, she saw a very striking man, and instantly she fell in love with him.
        Boldly, the beautiful girl approached the man.  "Sir, I love you," she said.  "If you will have me, I will be your wife."
        "Oh, I should like very much to have you for my wife," he said, "but sadly, I cannot.  For I am not a man and I am not of your people.  I only look like a man because the gods have given me the power to turn into one whenever I visit land.  But in truth, I am a fish and my true home is the river at Idunmaibo.  And to the river I must return."
        "I don't care if you're man. or fish," the girl said, "I still love you.  If you promise to come forth from the water from time to time to visit me, I will still gladly marry you."
    "Then let it be so.  Come with me," said the fish man, and he led the girl to a certain place on the river at Idunmaibo where they were married.
        Then the fish man spoke again to the girl.  "This is my home," he said. "Whenever you want me, come to this very place and sing a magic song." Then the fish man sang a lovely song:

    Oh beautiful fish of the river,
     May I look through the flowing waters? 
Through the surface of the river I will see you. 
Oh lovely river that looks like silver and gems 
With palace beneath, more lovely 
Than the Palace of kings of men.
        The fish man then dove into the water and disappeared from sight.
        Every day thereafter, the girl prepared sweetmeats for her husband and carried them to Idunmaibo.  There, by the river, she sang the magic song, and the fish came to the surface and changed into a handsome man.
        The fish man gave the girl many gifts - beautiful coral and gems of the sea - and he sat with her on the river bank, and they both loved each other very much.
        One day, while the girl was making a basket of sweetmeats, her parents told her she must get married soon.  The girl replied that she already had a husband, but she could not tell them who he was.
    Her family was indeed very puzzled by her answer, and they watched her closely as she prepared her husband's food.  Her brother asked if he might help her carry it.  But she told him she must go alone and nobody must follow her. This only aroused her brother's curiosity, and he made up his mind to follow her to see where she went and what she did with the food. Using magic, he turned himself into a fly.  Then he flew behind his sister all the way to Idunmaibo.  There the fly brother watched the girl as she sang her magic song.  To his astonishment, he saw the fish come out of the water and turn into a man.  And he saw the fish man visit with his sister, then jump back into the water.
        The girl's brother quickly flew back home.  He changed from a fly back into a boy and hastened to his parents to tell them what he had seen.
        The girl's parents were enraged when they heard about the fish man. They decided to send their daughter away until they could figure out what to do.  So as soon as the girl returned from the river at Idunmaibo, her parents sent her to live with her father's people - far, far from the river.
        The poor girl was heartbroken because she could no longer visit the fish man.  While she was away grieving, her brother led her father to the river at Idunmaibo.  There, the brother sang the magic song, and the fish man rose from the water.
        As soon as the fish man stepped onto the bank of the river, the girl's father drew a long knife and stabbed him.  The handsome, young man was mortally wounded and, as he died, he slowly shriveled into a fish, then disappeared.
        Soon after, the girl was sent home from her relatives.  She could hardly wait to rush back to the river and into the arms of her beloved.  She quickly prepared the fish man's meal, and was in such a hurry that she hadn't noticed her brother following close behind her.
        The girl stood on the bank and sang her lovely magic song, but the fish man did not rise from the river.  She waited a moment, then sang her song again, but still the fish man did not appear.
        Suddenly, she heard someone singing the magic song.  Filled with she turned around, expecting to find the fish man, but was startled to find her brother.
        "He will come to you no longer," her brother told her, "for our father has slain him."
        At that instant, the surface of the water turned blood - red and the girl knew then that her brother spoke the truth. The girl cried out in terrible grief, "Then I will go to join the spirit of my beloved.  And she jumped into the river.  But instead of drowning, she sank down into the waters and became an onijegi, a mermaid.  And people say that, even today, an onijegi can sometimes be heard singing softly at the river Idunmaibo.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Mermaid Problem

What is "the mermaid problem?" It's sort of a joke about having sex with a mermaid. As in how would you be able to do it?

FuturamaWeeknights, 9p/8c
Mermaid Mating
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This is the wikipedia entry for the "Mermaid Problem" as it appeared from Google cache on February 17, 2010. It was deleted from Wikipedia on February 25, 2010. 

Mermaids at Play, 1886, by Arnold Böcklin

Mermaid problem

The Mermaid problem is an observation occasionally mentioned in literature,[citation needed] concerning the difficulty of having sexual intercourse with a mermaid. Although mermaids are commonly depicted as beautiful, variably nude,[citation needed] and enticing, a man attempting to have sex[citation needed] with one would be thwarted by the typical portrayal of the creature: a fish from the waist down, with no vagina.[citation needed] More generally, it can also be a joking reference to the unusual sexual interest[citation needed] many non-human characters seem to have with humans in fantasy or science fiction, and potential physical issues therein. A reverse mermaid, or a mermaid with the fish half on top and human legs is typically referred to as a "Merfish".[citation needed]


* 1 Mythical biology
* 2 Historical perspective
* 3 Examples
* 4 See also
* 5 References

Mythical biology

If the mermaid were biologically a fish below the waist, theoretically they would reproduce as most fish do, by external fertilization, requiring a human male to deposit his seed underwater onto her eggs. (The confusion is further compounded by the fact that mermaids are usually depicted with a navel and breasts,[1] which would suggest placental vivipary rather than ovipary.) However, this situation is sometimes rectified by portraying mermaids as having genitalia more similar to dolphins than fish. Since most mermaid sightings observe that the mermaid has a human upper body, complete with breasts, and a navel, we must therefore assume that the mermaid is in fact a mammal. The "fish" part below the navel must then be more akin to that of a dolphin, with the sexual organs being similar to that of a dolphin. The female dolphin has one slit in its lower belly, which contains both the anus and the vagina. Hence, making mermaid-human sex (as depicted in many myths, legends, and stories,) perfectly biologically possible.[2] Another theory is that mermaids have the ability to change into human form, e.g. the fishtail splitting into two legs when it dries, and again turning into fishtail when the legs touch with water. A prominent example of this is the Touchstone Pictures film Splash where the Mermaid character Madison, portrayed by Daryl Hannah, transforms into human form and sustains a romantic and sexual relationship with Allen Bauer, portrayed by Tom Hanks, while retaining many of her undersea habits and mannerisms. A French idiom, finir en queue de poisson (to end with the tail of a fish), makes reference to this difficulty; it refers to a promising start that ends in disappointment. It originates from a line in Horace's Ars Poetica: Desinit in piscem mulier formosa superne (the beautiful woman ends in a fish's tail).

Historical perspective

Interestingly this was not always an issue. In the past it was not uncommon for a mermaid (actually a medieval siren or melusine) to be portrayed as having a split tail, with a vagina located (or merely implied to be) between the two parts. H. P. Lovecraft's short story "Dagon"[3] and the logo of the American coffee chain Starbucks are examples of this. In the original version of the logo the mermaid is shown spreading her tail apart up to her head. While this has been cropped out, and the drawing in general slightly reworked over the years, her tails are still visible around the edges.


In the Futurama episode "The Deep South", Fry befriends and romances a mermaid from the lost sunken city of Atlanta. He later has his hopes dashed after attempting sex with a very confused partner, who expected sex more typical of a fish. As he runs away from Atlanta he laments, "Why couldn't she have been the other kind of mermaid, with the fish part on top, and the lady part on the bottom?"[4]
The other kind of mermaid.

In the Red Dwarf episode "Better than Life", the Cat solves the same problem while playing a virtual reality game when he dates a mermaid with exactly that physical description. When ship's mainframe Holly notes "Somehow I'd imagined she'd be a woman on the top and a fish on the bottom," the Cat replies "No, that's the stupid way around!" Coincidentally, Craig Charles (who plays the character David Lister on Red Dwarf) also plays the title role in the Channel 4 sitcom Captain Butler, who is enticed to wed a mermaid but reconsiders as he finds out he has to be transformed into a half-man-half-fish hybrid with the "fish half on top".

The poet/songwriter Shel Silverstein made this problem the centerpiece of his humorous song "The Mermaid", about a sailor who is warned against falling in love with a mermaid, which he proceeds to do. The lyrics read in part, "From her head to her waist she was my taste but the bottom part was a fish." The song ends with the sailor dejected after being dumped by his new mermaid love, but finding consolation when "her sister swam on by, and set my heart awhirl / For her upper part was an ugly old fish but the bottom part was girl!"[5] The song is covered on the Great Big Sea album The Hard and the Easy. The album's cover features a "reverse mermaid" with an enticing pair of crossed legs in high heels, with the upper body of a fish. The back artwork shows a regular mermaid.

Another example of a reverse mermaid is a surrealist painting by René Magritte which depicts a mermaid with a fish torso and woman's legs which has washed up on shore.

The folk song "The End of the Tail", a parody response to the Meg Davis song "Captain Jack and the Mermaid", hinges on this issue of a mermaid's lack of traditional female parts.

In season 27, episode 1, of Saturday Night Live, a sailor (played by Will Ferrell) crash landed on an island and met a mermaid, played by host Reese Witherspoon. He wanted to know who her parents were and was confused about her being half woman half fish. The mermaid then introduced her father who sang about how he has "had sex with a lot of things" and about her own fish genitalia, grossing out the sailor. The father also addresses his view: "It's no crime to hump a fish".[6]

In the Family Guy episode "Lois Kills Stewie," Lois Griffin is saved after being gunned down on a ship at sea and falling overboard by a merman whom Lois describes as "kind of the reverse of what you'd expect a merman to be," being that he had the upper body of a fish and the legs of a man, his loin covered with a seashell. He offers to make love to her, but she turns him down due to his awkward appearance; the merman "puts a huge hole in [her] logic" by saying that having a man's lower body is the only way he can have a penis.

The webcomic Penny Arcade also makes a joke on this subject when Gabe remembers his younger "Undersea adventures" or, rather, his attempts at having them. The comic closes with him asking Disney's Little Mermaid "Where the hell is your vagina?"[7]

In a short story called "The Fisherman and his Soul" by Oscar Wilde a man falls in love with a mermaid and goes to live with her under the sea. After wisdom and wealth fail to entice him back to land, he returns to see the beautiful legs of a dancing girl.[8]

A simple joke goes along the lines of a fisherman catching a mermaid, but deciding to let her go. His assistant asks "Why?" to which the fisherman replies, "How?"

P. C. Cast wrote of this particular problem in her novel "Goddess of the Sea" from her Goddess Summoning series. Within, the mermaid in question does have sex with a merman, though it is never fully explained.

In Piers Anthony's novel Mercycle, a race of merfolk who are the genetically modified descendants of normal humans appear. Although they appear to have a standard tail, the tail is actually divided in two in a structure closely based on human legs.[9] In the standalone novel Mute, Anthony described a mermaid whose tail began at her knees. And In the Xanth series mermaids only appear as mermaids when they are in the water, turning into humans when they go on land.

In a short story by Francesca Lia Block titled "Mer", from her book Nymph: Nine Erotic Stories, the mermaid and the main character share a fulfilled sexual relationship through the use of oral sex, eliminating the necessity of a vagina.[10]

The third and fourth installments of the adult film series Talk Dirty To Me feature mermaids who look to have sex with human men. In both films, the mermaids' tails automatically appear when the mermaids are in water, just like in the mainstream film Splash. When they are dry, however, the mermaids are able to change their tails to legs and back, at will.

In the mythos of contemporary poet Paul Shepard, the 'mermaid problem' is not regarded as a problem at all, but as the mermaids' essential significance. In his The Siren Idea, Shepard's antihero narrator claims that an unnamed rival "invented" mermaids. This is presented as an act of plagiarism, derivative of the narrator's previously formulated "Principal of Impenetrable Beauty, [...] proving the sublimity of unconsummatable [sic] lust." [11]

Alice Munro's story "Too Much Happiness" [12] includes a reference to a Russian mathematician attempting to solve the "mermaid problem" with mathematical theories.

In the episode "The Laughing Fish" of Batman: The Animated Series, there is a gag referring to this where The Joker seems to be flirting with Harley Quinn by asking her to "be [his] little mermaid." He then puts a giant fake fish head over her head, to which Harley responds, "You're really sick, you know that, boss?"

I've decided to post this whole thing as I think it's a shame that Wikipedia decided to delete it. 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Merman Sighting

I just saw this at the video store today! Will Ferrell is done up as a Merman on this week's cover of Entertainment Weekly!

He's all dressed up to promote his Cop/buddy movie The Other Guys, (which incidentally doesn't involve him playing a merman) with Mark Wahlberg. According to EW this is the summer’s most promising comedy.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

‘Oracle Octopus’ gets death/dinner threats

Some Germans are calling for a public roasting of the oracle octopus who correctly picked the winner of all six of their national soccer team's World Cup matches -- including a bitter defeat to Spain on Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mermaid Couture again

I just found out that some of the pieces in the collection can be purchased here at Regencies.

And there are also some pieces here at the Giant Peach

And also here at Karmaloop  and supposedly Accessories Online will be carrying them soon.

Monday, July 5, 2010


The Sea Captain and I are getting things boxed and packed for our big move (hopefully the last one for several years) so posting will be sporadic (and considerably less, although I do have some scheduled so you needn't worry that there will be no posting in July.) The big move will be to South Carolina and I get exhausted just thinking about it. As such we're doing our best to downsize. I come from a long line of pack rats and still have toys and stuffed animals from my childhood, well at least I did till this morning; we've already carted off two truckloads to Goodwill.

Any way, that's the news here, hopefully we're gonna be done with this by the start of Shark Week.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Saturday, July 3, 2010

An ocean full of mermaids

Fashion Dolls 101 has a post about Mermaid dolls with some pictures and links to help get you started on your mermaid doll collection!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Disney Couture

I've been a sometime fan of the Disney Couture jewelry and have several pieces (Snow White earrings and necklace, Cinderella earrings.)  They seem to have most of the princesses (even Pocahontas) covered with at least a piece or two (and a ton of Alice and Tinkerbell stuff), but no Ariel.  I have, of course, been waiting for them to do Little Mermaid stuff and it now seems as though they finally are!
According to Disney Couture will be releasing Little Mermaid themed pieces (of course they said May and I have yet to see any of the items!)

This is a preview of what we will be getting:  The item is called the Rainbow Mother of Pearl Necklace, and will sell for $145 at Disney Couture.

The collection is said to include 30 unique pieces that will range in price from $34 to $160. It will be designed by Lucas Design International (the other pieces have been designed by Kidada and the Alice stuff was designed by Tom Binns.)

It's kinda cute, I like the illusion of scales. Supposedly the collection will also include a gold-plated sandcastle and treasure box pendant necklaces, pop-top rings with pearls inside, braided leather charm bracelets and jellyfish and octopus-shaped earrings.

So you can compare here are a few of the older items:

You can find most of the items on Ebay (now that they are a few seasons old) or here.

Okay, after much searching I found out that the collection will be released in August (just in time for my birthday.)

I also found some more pictures.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Forsaken Merman

Come dear children, let us away;
Down and away below.
Now my brothers call from the bay;
Now the great winds shoreward blow;
Now the salt tides seaward now;
Now the wild white horses play,
Champ and chafe and toss in the spray.
Children dear, let us away.
This way, this way!
Call her once before you go.
Call once yet.
In a voice that she will know:
"Margaret! Margaret!"
Children's voices should be dear
(Call once more) to a mother's ear;
Children's voices, wild with pain.
Surely she will come again.
Call her once and come away.
This way, this way!
"Mother dear, we cannot stay."
The wild horses foam and fret.
"Margaret! Margaret!"
Come, dear children, come away down.
Call no more.
One last look at the white-wall'd town,
And the little grey church on the windy shore.
Then come down.
She will not come though you call all day.
Come away, come away.
Children dear, was it yesterday
We heard the sweet bells over the bay?
In the caverns where we lay,
Through the surf and through the swell,
The far-off sound of a silver belP
Sand-strewn caverns, cool and deep,
Where the winds are still asleep;
Where the spent lights quiver and gleam;
Where the salt weed sways in the stream;
Where the sea-beasts, ranged all round,
Feed in the ooze of their pasture ground;
Where the sea snakes coil and twine,
Dry their mail, and bask in the brine;
Where great whales come sailing by,
Sail and sail, with unshut eye,
Round the world for ever and aye?
When did music come this way~
Children dear, was it yesterday?
Children dear, was it yesterday
(Call yet once) that she went away?
Once she sate with you and me,
On a red gold throne in the heart of the sea,
And the youngest sate on her knee.
She combed its bright hair, and she tended it well,
When down swung the sound of the far-off bell.
She sigh'd, she look'd up through the clear green sea.
She said, "I must go, for my kinsfolk pray
In the little grey church on the shore today.
'Twill be Easter time in the world-ah me!
And I lose my poor soul, Merman, here with thee."
I said, "Go up, dear heart, through the waves.
Say thy prayer, and come back to the kind sea caves,"
She smiled, she went up through the surf in the bay.
Children dear, was it yesterday?
Children dear, were we long alone?
"The sea grows stormy," the little ones moan.
"Long prayers," I said, "in the world they say.
Come," I said, and we rose through the surf in the bay.
We went up the beach, by the sandy down
Where the sea stocks bloom, to the white-wall'd town.
Through the narrow paved streets, where all was still,
To the little grey church on the windy hill.
From the church came a murmur of folk at their prayers,
But we stood without in thecold blowing airs.
We climbed on the graves, on the stones worn with rains,
And we gazed up the aisle through the small leaded panes.
She sate by the pillar; we saw her clear
"Margaret, hist! come quick, we are here.
Dear heart," I said, we are long alone.
The sea grows stormy, the little ones moan."
But ah! she gave me never a look,
For her eyes were seal'd to the holy book.
Loud prays the priest; shut stands the door.
Come away, children, call no more.
Come away, come down, call no more.
Down, down, down;
Down to the depths of the sea.
She sits at her wheel in the humming town,
Bringing most joy.
Hark what she sings: "0 joy, 0 joy,
For the humming street, and the child with its toy.
For the priest, and the bell, and the holy well.
For the wheel where I spun,
And the blessed light of the sun"
And so she sings her fill,
Singing most joyfully,
Till the shuttle falls from her hand,
And the whizzing wheel stands still.
She steals to the window, and looks at the sand;
And over the sand at the sea;
And her eyes are set in a stare;
And anon there breaks a sigh,
And anon there drops a tear,
From a sorrow-clouded eye,
And a heart sorrow-laden,
A long, long sigh
For the cold strange eyes of a little Mermaiden,
And the gleam of her golden hair.

Come away, away, children.
Come children, come down.
The hoarse wind blows colder;
Lights shine in the town.
She will start from her slumber
When gusts shake the door;
She will hear the winds howling,
Will hear the waves roar.
We shall see, while above us
The waves roar, and whirl,
A ceiling of amber,
A pavement of pearl.
Singing, "Here came a mortal,
But faithless was she:
And alone dwell for ever
The kings of the sea."
But, children, at midnight,
When soft the winds blow;
When clear falls the moonlight;
When spring tides are low:
When sweet airs come seaward
From heaths starr'd with broom;
And high rocks throw mildly
On the blanch'd sands a gloom:
Up the still, glistening beaches,
Up the creeks we will hie;
Over banks of bright seaweed
The ebb tide leaves dry.
We will gaze, from the sand bills,
At the white, sleeping town;
At the church on the hillside
And then come back down.
Singing, "There dwells a loved one,
But cruel is she.
She left lonely for ever
The kings of the sea."
"Alas! what perils do environ
That man who meddles with a siren!"

Matthew Arnold
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