Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shark Week 2010

Ultimate Air Jaws promo for Discovery Channel's Shark Week! Shark Week is my favorite holiday! Better than Christmas!!!

Shark Week starts in August so be prepared for some shark-tastic posts from me!
Monday on the Late Late Show, Craig Ferguson, announced that he will host Shark Week 2010. He also wrote on Twitter: "Watched Jaws on cable. Mistake. Hosting Shark Week now seems foolhardy. Sharks unaffected by sarcasm & self loathing. My only weapons." Ferguson is apparently a big fan of Shark Week, has a shark puppet and has mentioned/done bits about Shark Week on his show for several years. I'll have to look some of this stuff up!

Also Shark Week: Jaws of Steel Collection (all of the 2009 episodes) will be going on sale July 13.

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