Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer Beauty

Well it's almost summer and everyone is putting out new lines! Sephora has a cute new nail shade called Caliente Coral! It's a limited edition so it'll be gone by the end of summer. They've also got some lovely new blue colors  ( Teal We Meet Again, Caribbean Cocktail , and Midnight Mambo [pictured above]) which are part of their Havana Nights collection. In other "nail news'' Chanel has a pretty turquoise color for this summer that's bound to sell out and be overly expensive just like last summer's big color, Jade.

MAC has a summer line called To The Beach and everything is decorated with coral and seahorses and shells. Very mermaidish. I love the turquoise/green eye khol called Float On By, and will definitely be picking up the Sand & Sun (peach) eye shadow! There's also a really cute canvas bag but it's beyond what I'd want to pay ($50)!

The Float On By eyeliner is perfect for one of the hot trends this summer- blue/turquoise eyes! According to Sephora (and every other magazine I pick up) blue liner and eyeshadow are in! Of course there are wrong and right ways to do this look. Personally I think that a little blue goes a very very long way, so don't overdo it. Try Nars color Burn It Blue.

Another interesting trend that's supposed to be hot this summer (according to Vogue magazine), blue hair streaks! I've done this off and on for years with a wash out color by Beyond the Zone called Tripped-Up Turquoise. You can pick it up at Sally's for about $6. If you plan to try this look and your color isn't light-medium blonde, I recommend bleaching out the strands you want to dye, otherwise the color won't show up very well.

(By the way, the pic is not me!)

And one more look at the MAC shimmery sea palette! 

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