Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sea Wees

Plaid Stallions has up the 1980 Kenner catalog pictures of Sea Wees!

Sea Wees were some of the first toys I remember having as a kid (really little, like three or four years) and actually being aware that you could buy them (well these and smurfs.) I remember having barbies and dolls and things but I actually remember hassling my parents to buy me Sea Wees. My favorites were the last of the line, the Bubble Ballet mothers and daughters.

I didn't just play with my girls in the tub either. I took them everywhere, including to my cousins house where his little brother proceeded to eat the heads off of them. I remember crying so hard! Fortuanately for me I didn't take all of them over and so I still have my Tropi-gals Flora with baby Finella and my Icy-gals Breezy and baby Rory. To be perfectly honest these girls still live in my bathroom!

You can still find these

on Ebay sometimes, but unless you can't live without them the price just might be to high! That said, I would love to have a MOC Taffeta and baby whirl!

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