Monday, April 19, 2010

Seaweed for your body

Pevonia Anti-Stress bath solution looks heavenly! I haven't tried it yet. According to the website it Mineralizes and detoxifies! Containing one of the greatest marine resources, Anti-Stress Aromatic Seaweed Bath infuses your skin with mineralizing and nourishing actives. Enriched with Seaweed and Pine Needle Essential Oil, it mineralizes and detoxifies as it stimulates your skin toward healthy renewal!

Nivea Essentially Enriched Daily Lotion has sea minerals that are supposed to improve the condition of your very dry skin over time. I keep a bottle on my desk. It absorbs quickly and isn't greasy. It's not dramatic moisture but it works all right.

Lush has body products as well as facial ones. I've mentioned my fave, the Big Blue bath bomb before. It has sea salt to detoxify, and bits of seaweed in it for moisture. It turns the bath blue and it is wonderful. Every time I use it feel like a mermaid and my skin feels great. The scent seems strong until you put it in the bath. Once it's diluted it's wonderful, slightly citrusy, and stays with you all day long. They have a soap, Sea Vegetable, with the same scent. It also has salt and seaweed on one side for scrubby exfoliation. Another of their sea based products is Rub Rub. Rub Rub has mineral rich sea saltfor scrubbing your skin, it's nice for summer but too drying for winter in my opinion.

La Mer has a whole range of body products that are supposedly as good as their miracle broth. Of course the price in incredibly high.

bliss serious seaweed cellulite soap is designed to help rid you of nasty lumps and tone your skin. It's nice, but the massage bits go away long before the rest of the soap does.

H2O as mentioned before, has a lot of different products featuring sea minerals and sea salts. They have lotions, cleansers, toners, shampoo, etc. I've tried some of their sea salt and sea marine products, the smell is nice but a bit overpowering for me and I can't get them near my face. The one product I would use again is their sea salt scrub. I love a good scrub and this one felt wonderful and not too drying. However you can get the same result by buying some large grain sea salt and mixing it with some olive oil.

Crabtree and Evelyn also has an entire seaweed/minerals line that is too fragranced for me.  It's called La Source and is blended with restorative mineral salts and nutrient-rich seaweeds, plentiful along the coasts of England, Scotland and Wales.

That's about all I know of at the moment, but seaweed is definitely being used more and more. If you come across anything please let me know about it!

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