Thursday, April 1, 2010

Poseidon/Neptune portrayals

Neptune is often depicted in television and movies as a merman. He's apparently more popular today than he ever was. Here's a few different ones from cartoons.

On NickToons Spongebob his look changes over the episodes but he is always depicted as a merman! He shows up in the movie with a really different look but the same bad attitude.

We've seen Poseidon portrayed on the Simpsons as a merman before.

In Disney's Hercules (movie and tv show) we see Poseidon as a very fishy god. He actually shows up alot in this show adn is voiced by Jason Alexander. How I wish this and the Little mermaid show would get released on DVD.

In the Disney short King Neptune (1932) we see Neptune as well as some lovely mermaids and some treacherous pirates. This version of Neptune shows up again in Mickey Through the Mirror, and the Cold Blooded Penguin. I'll try to post these cartoons later this week.

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