Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Disney Oceans again

Okay, so I finally went and saw Oceans last night with the Sea Captain. We  'Ooohed' and 'Aaahed' quite audibly through the whole movie. It was an incredible documentary and everything was beautiful. There were some new fish I had never seen before (Blanket Octopus, Asian Sheepshead Wrasse.) The most incredible bit, in my honest opinion, comes rather early on when a school of dolphin and a flock of seagulls (not the band ;) are chasing/feasting on a school of sardines. It is incredible! The dolphins are leaping and jumping after the sardines and the birds begin dropping like kamikazes and then sharks pop up from nowhere to join in the fray. Just when you think it can't get any more amazing....wait for it... a Humpback whale breaches right in the middle of the feast!!!

Unfortunately you come away from the movie wishing there was more. Usually this is a good thing because you want to know more about something and you go look it up on the internet or whatever, but in this case no, they barely give you enough information to know what to look up. You see, although Peirce Brosnan as the narrator has a fab voice, we really don't learn much of anything  about the fish while watching this film, rarely even the names.  Why were all those crabs climbing on each other there off the coast of Australia? What do you mean to learn about the sea you must live the sea? Tell me more about the strange knobby-headed Sheepshead fish I saw in the waters of China.

Another problem I had was the fact that although everything was beautiful to see, they spent far too much time on otters, sharks, sea lions, and penguins; creatures we've all seen a million times on the Discovery Channel. Their images of the Narwhals too brief. I certainly wanted to meet many more fish and creatures that I haven't seen rather than devote time to South African jumping sharks, especially since the Discovery Channel has filmed them much more and documented their behavior much more thoroughly. Not that they spent forever on them, I just think time could have been devoted elsewhere. I also would have liked to see more Killer Whales and Sailfish.

On the plus side they did talk about pollution. Although they devoted very little time to it, the way they talk about it is wonderful and should make everyone want to do what they can to recycle, and help keep our waters clean. Most shocking is the satellite images showing streams of pollution flowing from tributaries into the sea.

So go see Oceans for the beautiful images. Go see the amazing footage of Jellies and Humpback Whales, and Spinner Dolphins. Just don't go expecting to get an education on those marine creatures.  As another reviewer has stated, oceans is "more art than science."

As a final note, if you are taking children to see this there are two parts that upset me. Part one, where the wee baby turtles trying to get to the sea are eaten by birds. Part two, where they show numerous animals trapped in fishing nets.

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