Thursday, April 15, 2010

Disneynature Oceans

April 22 (Earth Day) 2010 sees the release to theatres of Oceans. I'm not sure how long this is going to be in theatres so I urge you all to go see it! Obviously we need to learn as much as we can about the oceans, they take up over 2/3 of the world on which we live and it's important for us to know how we can save them (from ourselves).

A fascinating journey into the depths of the ocean, amidst the tumult of the storms, in the vast territory of those who inhabit the sea. Part thriller, part meditation on the wonders of the sub-aquatic world.

During the opening week (from April 22 - 28) of “Disneynature OCEANS,” the film will donate $.20 per ticket to the The Nature Conversancy’s Adopt a Reef Program in the Bahamas, with a minimum donation of $100,000 pledged. If you're wondering whether that's true or not, last year they planted over 1 million trees for the people who went and saw Disneynature's Earth.

If conservation doesn't interest you go see it for the remarkable new footage of never-before seen creatures and amazing footage of fish we know doing things we never imagined.

More about Oceans here.

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