Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Comic Book Mermaids part 1

Lori Lemaris is a mermaid from Tritonis, a city in the undersea lost continent of Atlantis in the DC universe. She was also one of Superman's many loves. We are first introduced to Lori in Superman #129 volume 1 in May 1959.
 Basically she was pretending to be human, hiding her tail with a blanket and sitting in a wheelchair. Clark Kent (Superman) falls for her but after a short blissful time together she turns down his proposal. Lori tells him she must return to her homeland. Clark gets suspicious and finds out her secret, she's a mermaid! They remain friends and we see her show up occasionally in Superman comics. At some point Superman became a merman himself to be with Lori, that or Lois had a disturbing fantasy about it happening (for a chick who didn't know Supes secret identity she sure was jealous.)

In a classic "super" rip-off there was the merman Jerro, who ends up dating Supergirl ( instead of Lori's younger sister Lenora.) He shows up several times over the course of her comic history but Supergirl had a lot of suitors so I doubt he was anything serious. Supergirl of course managed to turn into a mermaid at some point, but if Superman and Lori didn't work why would Supergirl and Jerro?

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