Friday, March 5, 2010

Njord and Aegir, Norse gods of the sea

Njord was a good and fruitful god, who was very stately in appearance. In Asgard (the Norse home of the gods) he had a sparkling hall with a shipyard by the shore of the celestial sea. As god of the sea he created gentle winds to fill the sails of the ships and he would blow out wild fires. Those that prayed to him would have good luck in their fishing and seafaring.
He was married to the goddess Skade who was a skier. She loved the mountains and he the shore. After the first few weeks of their marriage they agreed that they were better of living separately. Despite this they remained very friendly and went to all the the godly gatherings together. He had two children Frey and Freya with an unnamed sister.

Njord is not to be confused with Aegir the Lord of the seas. Aegir is the personification of the power of the ocean. He was usually depicted with a crown made out of seaweed, and always had a throng of mermaids or nixies in his wake. He lives in a beautiful hall decorated with the treasure of sunken ships, at the bottom of the sea. Aegir is the husband of Ran, the widow-maker and has nine daughters with her. Aegir is a happy god and it is his wife and daughters that cause most oceanic disasters. Each of his daughters is a giant wave and when their mother commands them they dance causing ships to wreck and sailors to drown. After they have drown the daughters escort the sailors to their fathers hall where they feast on seafood and ale.
Aegir is sometimes call the Ale-brewer, because the white froth of the sea resembles the froth on beer.

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