Tuesday, March 9, 2010


What are fish sticks (in Europe fish fingers?) You've probably ate them when you were a kid. They are breaded, fried sticks of fish, usually cod or whitefish. They were first introduced in Great Britain after being test marketed for a few years. Oddly enough the Cod fish sticks weren't what the company wanted to make. The Cod was being tested against Herring fish sticks, which the company wanted to market as an alternative to their pickled Herring. The people of GB preferred the Cod and fish sticks were born! The first American company to introduce fish sticks was Gorton's.

Today, Cod is considered an endangered species, so other forms of fish are often used in fish sticks, including whiting and haddock.

So, all that said, do you like fishsticks? How about the Little Mermaid? Did you like that movie? How about her buddy Flounder? Did you like him? Well now, do you want to eat him? Yum Yum!

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