Sunday, March 14, 2010

The best of the sea, put on your plate for a reasonable price

According to Progressive Grocer magazine
Top 10 most popular seafood items

1. Shrimp

2. Canned tuna

3. Salmon

4. Pollack (imitation crab, or surimi)

5. Catfish

6. Cod


8. Clams

9. Tilapia (Nile perch)

10. Flatfish

Fun fact: Shrimp are not considered to be kosher, which means that people of the Jewish faith cannot eat them.

Do you like shrimp? Me too! We Americans eat over 850 million pounds of shrimp a year. That's 400 dump trucks full of 2 tons of shrimp. Wow! Why is it so popular? For starters fresh shrimp freezes perfectly, better than most other types of seafood. Shrimp are also relatively inexpensive, but the real reason why shrimp is great is because of it's diversity. You can make a shrimp dish spicy, sweet, sour or plain. Anything you can come up with, you can do to shrimp. I prefer my shrimp on a skewer, grilled to perfection. One bite of any shrimp, and your world is flipped up-side down.

So, whether you like boiled shrimp, shrimp stew, shrimp sandwiches, shrimp salads, etc; shrimp is a fun food that can be eaten anyway you like. Bon Appetite!!!

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