Monday, March 22, 2010

Andersen Dowa Ningyo Hime

I had this anime as child. It was the movie I watched over and over and over. This version follows the story much better than the Disney version. The animation is beautiful and the music is really nice too. My favorite scene is when she goes to the witch. As a child she was really scary but very interesting to look at. I appreciated that they didn't dumb her actions down. The witch cuts out the mermaids tongue, and warns her that every step she takes will feel as painful as walking on knives. The mermaid is willing to live with the constant pain for her love. It's so beautiful. What's really tragic is how the prince acts over a girl just because she happened to be around when he washed up on the shore. In the end he of course chooses the other girl. The mermaids' sisters give her a chance to return to the sea, if she is willing to kill her beloved. She can't. She really loves him and therefor would die for him to be happy. In the end the mermaid ascends to heaven and Fritz her friend the dolphin, cries out for her over the sea.

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  1. As a child i never got to see many of the cence as they were cut, the DVD version of this film orobably has even more cut from it I wish i could find a uncut subtiteld version even on youtube or whatever. If anyone knows where i can find one to buy or just watch that would be amazeing!!!!!


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