Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Magnolia Pictures has acquired the U.S. rights to “Ondine,” a project that has long been in the can and has languished on the shelf.

It is written and directed by Neil Jordan (“The Crying Game,” “Michael Collins,” “Interview with a Vampire”), and stars Colin Farrell as a fisherman in recovery for alcoholism who picks up in his net a woman who was thought to have drowned. The woman, as it turns out, is a mermaid, and a romance unfolds between the two. She is played Alicja Bachleda.

To give you an indication of how long the film has toiled on the shelf, Farrell and Bachleda have had a child since the project wrapped.

According to Variety, the film will be released through Magnolia’s Ultra VOD program a month before its theatrical summer release. When that release is has yet to be determined.

Some of Magnolia’s recent films include “World’s Greatest Dad,” “Food, Inc.,” “Bronson,” and “The House of the Devil.” They will release Bong Joon-Ho’s (“Memories of Murder,” “The Host,” “Thirst”) highly acclaimed thriller “Mother” in theaters on March 12, 2010.


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