Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Mermaid Ads

Mermaids pimping for beauty products! This makes much more sense to me than mermaids selling coffee or mens' shirts, considering mermaids are known for their beauty and their vanity.

Sometimes mermaids aren't used in an ad for makeup or perfume but their image is used on the item or is alluded to by the item. For example the Lolita Lempicka perfume L is meant to make you think of a mermaid and the sea.
 Bare Escentuals had the Siren of the Sea hydrating and brightening collection.

Too Faced released a Mermaids Treasure collection featuring a pretty blue bag with a mermaid on it. One of their Bronzers also has a mermaid on it.
The vintage fragrance Ondine is name after the mythical Ondine a beautiful water nymph/mermaid. I'm not sure whether this is on purpose or they just chose a pretty name. None of the ads I've found for the fragrance seem to allude to the mermaid.

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