Monday, February 22, 2010

Mermaid Sighting on the Smurfs

When I was a kid we lived in Germany and not speaking German there was only the AFN to watch, so my grandparents sent videotapes of my favorite cartoons over to us. My favorite show back then was the Smurfs. I coundn't get enough of those little blue guys (and Smurfette.) I was very fortunate to be living in Europe since that is where the majority of the Smurfs merchandise was sold. I had tons of little smurf figures and had so much fun playing with them. My favorite figure was Smurfette as a mermaid. This is actually the only smurf I still have. There is a varient of this smurf with a blue/grey tail. I'm not sure which is more rare and I suppose it doesn't really matter. What's important are the memories she evokes.

Although Smurfette never actually became a mermaid on the show there was an actual mermaid on the show (why not, there were unicorns and pxies and everything else.) In Handy's Sweetheart, while testing out his deep-sea diving equipment, Handy meets a mermaid named Marina and falls in love with her. There love is of course doomed since he can't live underwater. She shows up again in the episode No Smurf is an Island. Handy makes a submarine (Smurfmarine) so that he can go and be with her. Unfortunately it breaks down and he almost drowns. They decide that even though their love is great they just have to wait to be together. I believe she shows up in another episode, one where the smurfs are out sailing on Captain Dreamy's ship the S.S. Smurf, but I am not completely sure.

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