Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mermaid Sighting 1608

In 1608 Henry Hudson was searching in his second attempt for a Northwest passage On June 15, near Norway (at 75° 7' N) he reported in his private log:

This morning, one of our company looking overboard saw a mermaid, and calling up some of the company to see her, one more came up and by that time she was close to the ship's side looking earnestly upon the men. A little after, a sea came up and overturned her. From the navel upward, her back and breasts were like a woman's, her body as big as one of us; her skin very white, with long black hair hanging down her back. When the mermaid finally went down under the waves, her tail was observed, which was like that of a porpoise and speckled like a mackerel.

By the matter-of-fact record, it seems obvious Hudson believed in mermaids.

Henry Hudson is, of course, best known for his discovery of the Hudson Strait and Hudson Bay. In 1611, after being iced in the previous winter, Hudson attempted to press on and find a passage to the Pacific. His crew wanted to go home and mutinied that June. According to the mutineers, they set Hudson, his teenage son John, and six crewmen, either sick or loyal to Hudson, adrift in a small open boat, effectively marooning them. Hudson was never seen again and his fate is not known. It is possible that rather than set him adrift, the crew just killed him.


  1. JEEZE, Raw deal they gave the guy. Can you imagine? Also...what do you think about the mermaid sightings of way back then? Do you believe they actually saw mermaids/men or that they saw something we know as a common creature today? I don't know if I can think of any creature we know that has the bellybutton, breasts and hair of a woman and then the tail of a porpoise. I wonder though.

  2. I think that there is no way it was a common creature of today. Unless they only saw the tail. Hudson clearly describes a woman with a fish tail. So unless it was some crazy lady (crazy because the water had to be cold) was smimming with a dolphin or something and they saw it from a distance, then it had to be what he says. That or he's a liar. Or it was some sort of mass halucination. I suppose there are alot of possibilities.

  3. I truly believe henry and Christopher seen mermaids the ocean is so big plus they wrote about this stuff thousands of years ago I believe they hide in the depths of the oceans afraid to come out there are millions of species that are unknown

  4. I truly believe they actually exist

  5. I truly believe they actually exist

  6. They probaly still do exist right now in 2017.


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