Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mermaid fingers (and toes)

I love nail polish. It's the best way to pretty up your toes and hands. Most people I know are partial to pinks and reds. I myself love the look of a pink and white french manicure, but there is just something awesome about mermaidy greens and blues. Last summer Sephora even launched a whole Mermaid nail line called Mermaid in the Shade. Unfortunately they are no longer being sold and are quite pricey (for nail polish anyway) on ebay. I managed to snag three of the colors before they were gone and they are lovely colors!

Here's a list of some colours you should try!

Children's Mermaid Blue Nail Polish is special because it is water based and has no harsh chemicals. Supposedly it stays on longer than other nail polishes.
 From the site Suncoat Girl water-based nail polishes are uniquely formulated by our chemists without using any of the following chemicals: Phthalate plasticizers, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Acetates, Alcohol, Glycol ethers, FD&C dyes. Only water, acrylic copolymers and polyurethane (plastic), mineral-based pigments, plastic glitter and carmine are in these nail polishes. Suncoat Girl Water-Based Nail Polishes are virtually odor-free. Releases water vapor when applied, not toxic chemical fumes. These water-based children's nail polishes are truly the most natural nail polishes in the market place.

Sephora's Mermaid in the Shade line consisted of:

Mermaid to Order - shimmering deep green-blue
Water Baby - opaque silver
Blue Grotto - deep ocean
Lagoon-a-Beach - shimmering pale blue
Just a Fairy-tail - silver and iridescent shimmer
Underwater Fantasy - shimmering light cornflower blue
According to the website Mermaid to Order is still available!
Essie did the North Fork collection in 2009 the colors were:
Greenport - Dreamy aquamarine paradise
Sag Harbor - Cool Silver Blue
Shelter Island - Sky Blue Radiance 
Piggy Polish does some nice colors You're blue-tiful and Parting Waves are great but Mermaid is probably the prettiest and most unique. It's very sheer but the shimmery green looks good that way.

While doing a search I happened across these colors, not very blue but very cute names and press!

Splash Nail Polish - Mermaids splash on color to keep their nails lovely at all times. With so many color to choose from, a mermaid's hands never to go without. Nail Splash is long lasting, and comes in matte or a sparklking formula. Shown:Blowfish Green, Blowfish Hot Pink, Blowfish Purple

One of my favorite cheap polishes is Marine Scene by Sally Hansen Hard as Nails.
There are of course tons more mermaid shades out there, these are just a few of my favorites!
I'll be posting more mermaid beauty products in the near future!

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