Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Little Mermaid says Ni hao

For 95 years she has sat on her stone at Langelinie in Copenhagen Harbour, where she has received visits from around the world. But now it is the ageing lady's turn to take a little trip abroad. When the World Expo is held in Shanghai in 2010, it will be with The Little Mermaid as a main attraction.

Bicycle lanes and city bikes. A basin with water from Copenhagen Harbour, where the audience can take a dip and The Little Mermaid placed in the middle. Those are the plans of the Danish architects Bjarke Ingels Group for the Danish Pavilion at World Expo 2010. A total of eight groups of architects and designers participated in the competition on how Denmark should be presented at the world Expo in the Chinese metropolis Shanghai, and Bjarke Ingels Group's proposal won.
The Little Mermaid is the biggest tourist attraction in Denmark, and for many visitors the symbol of Copenhagen and Denmark. 70 million people are expected to visit the Expo Shanghai from 1 May - 31 October 2010, and The Little Mermaid will be gone from April - December. Copenhagen sends the famous lady on an eight-month holiday to China. While she is away, visitors to Copenhagen will be able to experience an art installation by Chinese Ai Weiwei at Langelinie. And an original copy of the sculpture in Tivoli Gardens.

-This if from the Denmark Little Mermaid website.

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