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Atlantis cont.

When the gods divided the cosmos between them, Poseidon the Lord of the Ocean took possession of a chain of islands stretching from Spain to Central America. The largest of these island was as large as Asia Minor. Poseidon found this lands to be more beautiful than anywhere else in the world. They had everything anyone could ever want; veins of all precious metals, mines of gems, plants of all kinds, herds of cattle, crystal clear waters, etc. The god found that the islands were populated by an incredibly handsome and intelligent race. The race was so new, however that they had yet to give a name to their islands, nor did they have any leader or social organization.
As Poseidon explored the land he found, on a hill in the center of the island, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.  She told him her name was Cleito. He proceeded to have ten fine sons with her. They named the first born Atlas, and Poseidon named the islands Atlantis for him and the ocean Atlantic, for him.
Poseidon is the most jealous, violent and distrustful of gods. Because he couldn't trust Cleito he isolated her on the hill by digging three great moats around it. Each moat was just over a mile wide and separated from the other moats by a circle of land of equal width.
When his sons had grown he made them into kings, each responsible for 1/10th of Atlantis. As the people of Atlantis were so smart and so industrious, the island nation quickly flourished. They build a magnificent city on the rings surrounding the hill of Cleito, that was far ahead of the rest of the world in technology and beauty. They had magnificent libraries, observatories, laboratories, academies and universities. They had sparkling fountains and brilliant gardens.
The people of Atlantis eagerly traded goods and knowledge with the rest of the world. They taught the Egyptians and Mayans how to build pyramids. They instructed the Greeks how to construct Athens. The people of Atlantis spread their knowledge of arts and sciences wherever their ships could sail. They invented reading, writing, mathematics, agriculture, architecture and all the concepts of civilization. Supposed the Atlantean scientists had also mastered the mystic forces which controlled the cosmos.
For centuries, Atlantis was the center of the entire world.Their peace was enforced by a great navy, too strong to be challenged. Unfortunately around 1300 centuries ago the parliament of the ten kings began to feel it was not just enough for Atlantis to spread their knowledge far and wide. They wanted any who benefited from Atlantis to become is vassal and pay a tribute to their masters. And so it came to be that Atlantis began their conquest of the world. They sacked and pillaged North and South America and then Africa and Egypt. They stayed in Egypt for a while preparing to take Greece and sweep through Asia.
Around 9500 BC a huge Atlantean fleet sailed into the bay of Athens where they were met by a vastly outnumbered force of Athenians. Despite being outnumbered the Athenians managed to send the Atlanteans away in a full retreat. 
As the defeated Atlanteans prepared to sail for home, the entire sky turned blood red. A mass of black clouds covered the sky and the sea rose in gigantic waves which overturned the entire fleet. The entire world shook with earthquakes and the ocean roared from one sea to another.  For days and days it seem the world would come to an end, but finally the seas and sky began to calm. A few battered ships sailed into ports reporting the news that Atlantis had disappeared, swallowed by the Atlantic. 
Some people claimed that Poseidon, embarrassed by the Athenian defeat punished his people with total destruction. Others claimed that the Atlantean scientists had discovered the forbidden secrets of the cosmos, and released the forces which will eventually destroy mankind.

- loosely adapted from The Encyclopedia of Things That Never Were (with lots of glaring omissions and probably spelling and grammatical errors.)

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