Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Merman Sighting on Family Guy

And I don't mean Ethel.

I'm not a fan of Family Guy. Peter and Lois really bug me. That being said I do find some parts of the show funny and I do like Brian and Stewie.

A few years ago they did an episode where Stewie tries to kill Lois. He shoots her on a cruise ship and she falls overboard. Lois is saved from drowning by a merman, who is a reverse mermaid (body of a fish and legs of a man.) The merman,  who believes all women fantasize about making love with mermen, is really pissed when Lois refuses to sleep with him. The merman tries to force himself upon her so she pushes him down and leaves him flopping (like a fish) in the sand.
This is of course funny because it's a perfect joke about the infamous Mermaid Problem
Personally I can see an upside to it.

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